Connect to your lights (with helioCONNECT)

Connect to your lights (with helioCONNECT)

To establish connections to your LX/RX light(s) and get all started, the first step is to install "helioCONNECT", our free software that’s designed to monitor and control all aspects of your light(s) in one place. This document will help you on how to find your lights and access them in the network.


You will also need a router with a built-in DHCP-server which is very common in most routers. Be sure to check that your specific router has this feature before you start since it’s needed in the basic setup of accessing and using your light(s). The DHCP-server function is to give addresses to all your lights automatically so that they are easily found by System Assistant.

Install Heliospectra’s helioCONNECT.

  1. At our download page you’ll find 2 versions of helioCONNECT each for Windows and Mac OS. Download the corresponding version for your operating system. It is recommended to save the application to your desktop for easy access in the future.


Accessing the LX/RX lights with helioCONNECT.

The LX/RX lights are configured and monitored through a Web User Interface (Web UI). Please follow these instructions to access the light(s)’ Web UI:

  1. Start helioCONNECT.
  2. Click Scan. A list of available lights on the network will appear. Scan multiple time if not all lights show up at once.
  3. Highlight the light(s) you wish to setup Hold SHIFT key to highlight several lights.
  4. Click "Launch".
  5. Your default web browser will now open to the selected light(s)’ Web

NOTE! If you are using wireless LX/RX lights (starting with serial number 002005 and forward), you shouldn’t forget to setup the router for this purpose [click here for description on how to do so] and setup/activate the WIFI-function in the lights [click here for description on how to do so].


Using the Web User Interface (Web UI)

The Web UI of the lights consists of three (3) tabs providing information, operation and configuration options. All pages in the Web UI contain the following general information:

  • Current Status of the light.
  • Current System Time, Date, and Name/Tags of the light (if configured).
  • General information for the light, such as model, CPU firmware version, driver firmware version, MAC and IP address is shown on the bottom of the page.

The appearance of the Web UI’s three (3) tabs, including some basic information highlighted (red lines/arrows):



To access LX/RX lights that have WIFI (serial number 002005 and forward) - wireless: 

  1. Connect your light to your computer directly with an ethernet cable [click here for description] or to a WIFI-router [click here for description]to be able to access your light(s).
  2. Start helioCONNECT and click "Scan".
  3. Find the light(s) and highlight it/them.
  4. Update the lights from the top menu so that they get the latest WIFI-firmware [click here for the description to do so].
  5. Now, set up your router so that the lights automatically will connect to it [click here for the description to do so].


  1. Pull out the ethernet cable of the light(s).
  2. Close, and re-open helioCONNECT, and click "Scan".
  3. Now your light(s) should appear and easily be found wireless.


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