Identify and name light(s) in a multi-unit system

Identify and name light(s) in a multi-unit system

In large growing facilities you might find some difficulties to identify a specific fixture. To simplify this, we have an option to blink your lights individually or together. By "blinking" the fixture will light up all the spectrums to full potential for about a second. When located, you can assign each light its own name and tags e.g. row 3, fixture 14.

To blink and assign names/tags to your lights, please follow these steps:

  1. Open helioCONNECT.
  2. Click "Scan" and watch your list of fixture(s) appear.
  3. Select the unit you would like to name.
  4. Click the "Blink" button in the helioCONNECT app. This will cause the selected unit to flash off, then back on. Use this function to locate the unit in your lighting array.
  5. Once you are sure of which unit you want to name/tag, select the unit and click "Launch". This will open your Web User Interface to display the unit’s information and settings.
  6. Now, in the Web User Interface, click the operation tab (located in the top middle of the page). Under the "Tags" header, select the edit button. A text box will appear, where you can enter the desired name/tag(s).
  7. Click "Save" and your tag will be in use for this particular fixture.

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