Setup light(s) directly to your laptop

Setup light(s) directly to your laptop

If you cant reach your lights, and/or you suspect there may be issues with your router, there are alternative ways reaching your light(s). Also, this is a good walk-through if you want to check if a connection issue is in your lights or in your router setup. This may also be a necessary setup for some MAC-users. 


  1. Please start by plugging in the power cable and the Ethernet cable to the light. Connect the other end of power cable to wall socket and the ethernet cable directly in to your computers ethernet port. If you have multiple lights, connect all lights and you laptop to a switch (not a router) with ethernet cable. 

  2. Now, you need to set your computer on static IP. Choose any IP you wish, preferably within the range - Then you will need to set your network mask to  If you are uncertain how to do this procedure, please follow this walk-through

  3. Please start Helispectra software helioCONNECT scan for the light(s) and launch the light(s). If you are uncertain how to do this, please read more here(link).
If you canĀ“t use helioCONNECTyou could try connect the lights one light at time; by open your internet browser and type in the IP number in your browsers URL/address field. If you still cant reach your light(s) or if you have multiple lights; please instead try typing the IP number and go up (to, then and and so on..) until you find each light you are looking for.

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