Update your lights

Update your lights

The update process is done via Heliospectra´s controlling software helioCONNECT

Please start by downloading the latest firmware file from our download page. Then open helioCONNECT, and wait for your lights to appear. Highlight your lights and choose System > Update System from the drop-down menu: 

Now, select the update file and let helioCONNECT take its time to process the update. It may take a minute, you´ll see in helioCONNECT when the lights are ready to run again. 
Please do not turn off the light or close the Heliospectra System Assistant during the upgrade process.

When finished, click ”Scan” to refresh the list of light(s). Verify that the firmware column shows the latest firmware version for your updated lights.

Your Heliospectra lights are now running using the latest firmware ! 

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