Latest firmware (3.2.2)

Latest firmware (3.2.2)

Download the files at the bottom of this page under the heading "Attachments"

Applicable products:
  • LX60 Series (LX601C, LX601G, LX602C, LX602G)
  • LX50 Series (LX501C, LX501G, LX502C, LX502G)
  • RX30


Do not use on L4 Lights!

WiFi will only be available on lamps with CPU2 card.
On older lamps with CPU1 this FW will not enable WiFi and only ethernet will be available as network. Update of bootloader fixes critical problem with use of unconnected input pins for destructive test used in L4 lights.

Major changes in 3.2.2

This version is a WiFi update release.

  1. New WiFi patch v1.0.1.13-
  2. New WiFi driver v1.3.0.
  3. Wrong WiFi password message in status.
  4. Weak WiFi signal message in status
  5. Better RSSI measurement.
  6. Only remembers 1 WiFi AP + default configuration AP.
  7. Duplicate SSIDs in SSID list removed.
  8. Up/download of LED-plate data.
  9. 730nm is reprogrammed to 735nm on LED-plate.
  10. Added product code to model in webui.
  11. New Heliospectra logo.
Updates from version 3.0.4 and 3.1.0
  • WiFi patch.
  • Better WiFi responsiveness.
  • More Timezones.
  • Bug fixes.
Updates from version 2.2.x (Including the above changes):
  • Update of Boot-loader. Faster startup and bug fixes.
  • WiFi on Lights with CPU card v2.
  • Status LED on/off.
  • Master/Follower improvements.
  • Better Status/Error reporting.
  • Improved NTP (Time setting from Internet).
  • TCP CLI removed.
  • Bug fixes.
For more information on what the update includes, read the full Firmware Release Note that is available as a PDF attached below.

WARNING: This information is NOT applicable for L4A lights. They should not be updated to the firmware listed here.

If you need assistance updating your light, please read this article(link).

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