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            Access the fixtures from your phone

            On a phone or tablet you're able to create quick links to a web pages. This feature could provide you full control over your fixtures from your pocket. Follow the steps below to see how to set this up.

            1. Connect to the network/router/SSID from your laptop, from here it’s possible to access your lights. Be sure that your router is set up properly if you are uncertain about this you can proceed with this description.
            2. Open Heliospectra’s software ”System Assistant” (If you don't yet have this, you first need to download and run it. Please read here for further instructions).
            3. Click ”Scan”.
            4. In the appearing list, you can see all your lights. In the second column, you find their IP-addresses.

            5. Find light(s) you want to control from your phone/tablet and note their IP-address. This could, as an example be your master light, which is convenient to control. When the master light is controlled the followers will adopt the same settings, if the setup is correct. You can also choose to control one individual or several independent lights.

            6. Open your phone’s or tablet’s web browser. Type in the IP-address in your browser and save this as a bookmark on your screen.


            Voila, now you can access and edit your fixtures from your phone or tablet!

            Updated: 07 Aug 2018 12:30 AM
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