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            Connect light(s) to your electrical system

            When you’re connecting your Heliospectra toplight to your power grid, it is vital to match the light’s electrical operation span with the properties of your electrical system. It is also of high importance that your electrical installation will be installed, measured and will be regularly checked & maintained by certified electricians or engineers. Make sure that the onside installation operates according to the relevant national electrical regulations.

            Your system might have several options depending on which country you are in and its electrical architecture setup. Always make sure that your system is equipped with certified components which will be able to convert and conduct the load of the LED installation and it's associated amount light units. This is preferably done by engineers, technicians, or by us at Heliospectra.


            Heliospectra is not responsible for broken units due to non-satisfactory electrical systems at the customers' properties. 

            Please calculate and make sure that your electrical system can handle the load from your amount of lights that will be used. These calculations are preferably done by certified electricians, engineers or directly by us at Heliospectra.


            Fig 1. Examples of voltages that are common in electrical systems, and Heliospectra toplights working interval options.

            Updated: 27 Aug 2018 12:20 AM
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