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            Procedure for saving a "change log" file

            A "change log" might be useful when your light is acting in random unknown ways. To get the change log, please follow this procedure:

            1. Download and save the Heliospectra software System Assistant from here [link].
              Next, run the System Assistant software.
            2. In System Assistant software you just opened, click "Scan." Highlight all light(s) you would like to take the change log from, and then click "Launch." This will launch the lights WU Interface where you can access the lights settings.
            3. In the WU Interface, now, choose the tab "Information" and click on the change log button (see red arrow in the image below here on this page), to download the file.
            4. Please send this file to us support@heliospectra.com and we´ll take things from there.

            Updated: 14 May 2019 09:29 PM
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