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            Setup of E60 light

            The E60 series comes with "static" spectrum designed by Heliospectra´s Plant Laboratory, and do not have any in-built computer. Therefore it can not be controlled through Ethernet or WIFI like the LX/RX-series. It can only be switched on and off.

            To setup your E60, simply install it, and it will shine in its full glory 100%, until you switch it off again. 

            Most of our E60 customers buy these lights in large quantities since all they need is awesome light, and not detailed controllability (like with our LX/RX-series)In most of these cases the lights are installed fixed and directly into electric boxes, and switches on/off by contactors or relays in the electric power central. If you like to mount plugs on your E60(s), just follow our guide [link] here at Heliospectra Helpcenter.

            In any of these cases, the control of an E60 is only on or off

            Click the image below to download to download the E60´s cut sheet and read more about it´s functionality.

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            Updated: 26 Jul 2018 01:42 AM
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