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            Setup/activate my light(s) WIFI-function


            First make sure that your light can support the WIFI upgrade. To do this look at the first 6 serial numbers on your light. If the light has a serial number starting with 002.005, then the light will support the WIFI upgrade. If the light has a serial number starting with 002.004. and below, then the light does not have the correct hardware to support the WIFI connection feature. 

            To setup/activate your WIFI-lights working wireless, please follow this procedure:
            1. Setup your router so that it is compatible with your WIFI-lights [click here for description to do so].
            2. Download System Assistant and firmware for WIFI lights from their respective locations
            3. Launch System Assistant 
            4. Highlight your light(s) in System Assistant, and click "launch".
            5. In the light(s) Web User Interface, set the same SSID(name) and password as your router have. (SSID "HelioConfig", and password "Conf5600K"). 
            6. Now your lights are ready to communicate wireless automatically. Test it by pulling out the ethernet cable of your light(s), re-open System Assistant, and click "Scan".
            NOTE ! after the setup is done - it is recomended to change SSID and PASSWORD, both in your router and your lights (must be same) - to get a secure network only you know. The SSID and PASSWORD in this page is only for the first setup accessing the system. 

            Updated: 22 May 2019 12:08 AM
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