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            Integration with external (climate controlling) systems

            The Heliospectra intelligent light series (LX and RX-series) can communicate one or two way, with API among others. Some common examples of external climate controlling systems integration and methodology are described as follows: 

            Through TCP socket, used with v2 firmware only. This require a firmware change of your lights - please contact Heliospectra regarding this procedure, so that we can provide you with correct firmware. 

            Through http/web-interface, with a driver/program used to communicate with Heliospectra technology. This driver is written by Hoogendorn and needs to be synced with them, planning any integration. 

            Possible through an analogue signal converter, connected from Privas analogue system to Heliospectras digital system (ethernet socket based). The converter is built by the customer. 

            The above systems are a some examples of climate controlling systems integration. If you are well into programming, there may be other adhoc ways to talk/listen to the lights using the different methods for this, your imagination set the limits ! 
            Updated: 13 May 2019 01:20 AM
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