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            Maintenance of your light(s)

            To make sure the fixture(s) will always be in good condition and operate at their full potential, we recommend performing both cleaning and updating of your product(s) on a monthly basis.



            If the clear plastic plate covering the LEDs becomes dirty it should be wiped off with a soft damp cloth. A mild detergent can be used if the plate has fingerprints or similar smudges.
            If the air inlet or outlets become clogged with dust or large particles they can be carefully vacuumed with a low power vacuum cleaner.


            NOTE! Do not use any strong detergents on the plastic housing or LED plates. The product can be damaged by certain household cleaners or solvents such as kerosene.

            Firmware Upgrade

            The firmware is an update code from the software in the light. This software contains programming information of the light telling it how to act and react. This code will continuously be improved, to be up to date with all the contexts our products are being used in all around the world. We may sometimes also, find a bug that we fix as soon as this gets discovered, and release new versions of the firmware code. Please at least every third month, check so that you have the latest firmware installed(link).


            If you by any chance get problems, contact Heliospectra Support, and we'll dig into it as soon as possible!


            Updated: 27 Aug 2018 12:48 AM
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