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            Set up a light spectrum for your fixture(s)

            Individual wavelength intensities can be set independently. Typically, this is used as part of a scheduling procedure.

            Follow the instructions to set wavelength intensities for the fixture:

            • In the Web UI, click the ''Operation tab''.
            • In the Intensities (0-1000) field, set the intensities for the individual wavelengths of the fixture:
            1. Use the differently shaded green up and down arrows to increase or decrease wavelength intensities in increments of 1, 10 or 100 units or enter a value directly in the INTENSITY text field for each wavelength.
            2. Click ''All 0'' or ''All 1000'' to set all wavelength intensities to 0 or 1000, respectively.
            3. Click ''Add to schedule'' to add the current wavelength intensities as a fixture event to a schedule.
            4. Select the ''Lock ratio'' check box to lock the ratio between the wavelength intensities. Use this this option when the desired wavelength spectrum is already configured and only overall intensity level need to be equally increased or decreased.
            • If ''Real Time update'' is not enabled click the ''Set now'' button to send the intensities settings to the fixture.
            • The fixture is now set to use the current wavelength intensities. The values will hold until they are changed or a schedule event occurs (see section Configuring a Schedule). If power to the light is cycled the values settings will be lost.

            Updated: 27 Aug 2018 05:14 PM
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