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            Set your fixtures Date & Time - Automatically

            Setting System Time.

            By default, the fixtures are using a ''Network Time Protocol'' server for setting the light system time. 

            To have your fixtures set the time automatically by NTP, you must have internet connection to the same network as your fixtures are connected to.

            If unsure, or if no NTP server is available, it is recommended to use the default settings/manually set clock/time. For a description on how to do this, please [click this link].
            Setting Additional NTP Settings.

            Follow the instructions to set additional NTP settings for the light:

            • In the Web UI, click the ''Configuration tab''.
            • In the ''Time field'', verify that the ''Use NTP'' check box is selected.
            • If necessary, configure ''NTP Offset'' in the adjacent HH:MM:SS text field. Then click ''Set NTP Offset''.
            • To set a custom NTP server, select the Custom NTP pool radio button, then enter the address to the NTP server in the adjacent text field, for example “se.pool.ntp.org” (refer to www.pool.ntp.org for an updated list of public NTP servers).
            • Click ''Set NTP Pool'' to update the settings

            Without an offset NTP operates on UTC. Under normal conditions setting the hour of the NTP offset suffices to work in local time. The clock does not automatically adjust for daylight savings time.
            Updated: 27 Aug 2018 07:33 PM
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