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            Common issues list

            This guide serves as a starting point, solving common basic issues that might occur. Please use this guide together with your light products full manual and Heliospectra Helpcenter articles. If you want guidance, please instead go to the start support page (link).

            Physical setup (network infrastructure, devices and cables)
            Make sure your electric system is fully functional (please avoid issues such as floating zero, tiny load margins and unknown electric architecture etc.). If you have issues in your system, please disconnect the light and try it in a fully functional and safe environment. 
            Are all sockets/plugs properly/entirely attached?
            Make sure all cables are in the right place (mains, AP´s, router, switch etc.)
            Check the indicator diodes on the LAN-ports of your switch (should blink green in most brands)
            Power cycle the light (break mains power)/ removing/re-attaching all cables may help some issues, also note any possible loose connections.
            Software setup
            A certain level of connectability failure is normal with all network equipment (especially regarding non professional equipment).
            In these cases restarting all software and hardware may help or just wait a few minutes and try again.
            If there are many networks in the air, this may cause more random connectivity issues.
            Use the free app "Wi-Fi"-analyzer to check this (see further below for explanation).
            In many cases a full restart/software update and a factory reset solve common issues.
            System Assistant version 
            Make sure this is up to date.
            Firmware version (of the lights)
            Make sure this is up to date.
            Browser version
            Make sure this is up to date.
            The MAC System Assistant software or very old Win OS (like Win XP) are not 100% guaranteed to work with our system.
            Light models
            Send us serial numbers if you are uncertain of your lights generation/functionality.
            Description of the error 
            Physical and functional appearance, sound/noise(high/low), communication issues etc.
            Indicator diode status
            Steady red light=serious issue, green blinking=ok.
            Amount of lights
            Some more simple routers cant handle the theoretically stated devices which may cause unstable connection.
            Network connection (Ethernet or Wi-Fi?)
            Check so that the lights serial number syncs with Wi-Fi / no Wi-Fi firmware.
            IP (dynamic or static?)
            Make sure your laptops IP doesn’t conflict with the lights IP and make sure you are certain of setup procedure if you run static setup.
            Router (or access points)  - brand and model
            Make sure their router have a dhcp if dynamic IP is used (so its not just a switch or access point without dhcp).
            Router (or access points) - configuration
            Check the router setup (for example, does your IP-range setting cover your ammount of network lights/devices?).
            Screenshot/photo of the error (all tabs from WUI and System Assistant etc.) including DHCP settings and leases 
            Check so that all channels are present, temperature, static/dynamic IP etc.
            Sample of status.xml and diag.xml (in browser type <lamp ip>/status.xml, <lamp ip>/diag.xml in address field) if possible. 
            Please send a copy to us.
            Description of how to recreate error 
            Providing this helps us to understand the issue easier/faster in some cases.
            Very poor connection, slow response or no response
            Are there many Wi-Fi networks in the same place with bad channel selection?
            Check with free app "Wi-Fi"-analyzer if there are many overlapping channels and try to work this out (link).
            Master/follower issues
            ChecK   so that all "follower" lights do follow the choosen master light .
            Schedule issues
            Check the lights clock.
            Make sure NTP isn't used without functional internet connection.
            Update all software that are being used (FW, SA, browser, OS etc.).
            Electrical issues
            Make sure sync the load from your lights with the capacity of your microbreakers/fuses in your electrical central, please have margins.
            Check so that your products electrical properties are in sync with your own electrical system properties. 
            Make sure a proper electrician have done the installation (parametres such as earth/phase mixing up may cause great issues otherwise).
            Make sure fuses and contactors can handle the lights inrush currents at startup, if not preferably group the lights over several contactors that connect the currents with some seconds in between.
            Make sure the electric system standard is known .
            Sync installation with local context.
            Make sure all equipment being used can handle the specific environment's conditions (like humidity and temp. fluctuations).

            Welcome also contacting us directly at support@heliospectra.com and we will help you solve any matter with your product ! before contacting us please consider to use our form (link) which will enable us to help you out quicker !  Thanks

            Updated: 30 Sep 2018 07:48 PM
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