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            Latest firmware (3.1.6)

            Download the files at the bottom of this page under the heading "Attachments"

            Applicable products:
            • LX60 Series (LX601C, LX601G, LX602C, LX602G)
            • LX50 Series (LX501C, LX501G, LX502C, LX502G)
            • RX30
            Updates from version 3.0.4 and 3.1.0
            • WiFi patch.
            • Better WiFi responsiveness.
            • More Timezones.
            • Bug fixes.
            Updates from version 2.2.x (Including the above changes):
            • Update of Boot-loader. Faster startup and bug fixes.
            • WiFi on Lights with CPU card v2.
            • Status LED on/off.
            • Master/Follower improvements.
            • Better Status/Error reporting.
            • Improved NTP (Time setting from Internet).
            • TCP CLI removed.
            • Bug fixes.
            For more information on what the update includes, read the full Firmware Release Note that is available as a PDF attached below.

            If you need assistance updating your light, please read this article(link).

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            Updated: 12 Nov 2018 08:48 PM
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