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            Where do I find the IP address of the fixture?

            In some cases it could be beneficial to have the IP address of the fixture saved in the web browser or on your laptop desktop background. This could be the case when you would like to access the fixture directly from your phone or tablet for example.

            In the System Assistant the IP-address could be found ones the desired fixture is selected, and then you click in the right-hand tab on ''Advanced Details''. Here you'll find the specified information when the connection is through the Ethernet cable (''IP-address Ethernet'')  as well as with WiFi (''IP Address WiFi'') connection.

            Ones the fixture will be ''Launched'' in the Web UI you'll find the IP-address in the bottom of each tab page. The video below shows the steps proceed to verify the IP-address.

            Updated: 14 Aug 2018 12:46 AM
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