helioCORE™ User Documents

For more information on how to use your helioCORE™ software please read our helioCORE™ user manual.

helioCORE™ setup manual revision 1.2 for helioCORE™. Published 2021-11-10.
SensorHUB setup manual revision 1.4. Published 2021-11-10.
helioCORE and sensorHUB Technical Specifications V 2.1. Published 2021-11-10.
helioCORE™ user manual revision 1.11 for helioCORE™. Published 2021-09-13.
PAR Sensor Placement recommendation revision 1.0. Published 2021-09-10.
helioCORE System Setup Overview V.1.1.  Published 2022-03-15.