I can't find my fixture(s) with helioCONNECT

This may be caused by the following: 

Multiple network connection

If your computer is connected to several networks simultaneously, this may cause the issue. A common situation is that you are connected to 1 WIFI and 1 ethernet network. Please disconnect from the network your fixtures are not connected to and try reach them again with  helioCONNECT

Network setup or security issues

You may have unknown settings in your existing network causing the issue. To examine if this is the case, you may try setup/connect a very simple network including 1 laptop, 1 fixture and 1 router. Connect all with Ethernet cables and set both your fixture and router to dynamic IP. Now please try reach the light with  helioC​ONNECT  again. If it still doesn’t work, do a factory reset of the light fixture.
Then in order please try change; 
1.) Laptop 
2.) Fixture 
3.) Change router