Where do I find the IP address of the fixture?

Locate the IP address of your fixture for the purpose of networking in helioCONNECT.

In some cases, it can be beneficial to have the IP address of one of your fixtures saved in the web browser or on your laptop desktop background. This could, for instance, be important if you'd like to directly access a fixture from your phone or tablet through its IP address.

In helioCONNECT, the IP address can be found once the desired fixture is selected. From there, you can then click on the right-hand tab named ''Advanced Details.'' Here you'll find the requisite IP information whether the connection is through the Ethernet cable (''IP-address Ethernet'')  or WiFi (''IP Address WiFi'') connection. Once the fixture is ''Launched'' in the Web UI you'll find the IP address at the bottom of each tab page.