How to perform a factory reset on your fixture.

A factory reset is a good starting point when you have issues with your light e.g. a "socket error." The factory reset can be followed-up with an update of your light(s) firmware. To perform a factory reset, please see the picture and follow the explained steps below:
  1. Use our software helioCONNECT to find the lights on the network by simply clicking "Scan" and looking for your light(s) appearing in a list.
  2. Mark the lights that you want to do a factory reset on. To mark several lights at the same time you hold down "CTRL".
  3. Go to the menu on top and click "System", then in the appearing list, you will see the option "Factory reset". Click this and wait. Your light(s) will now go through the process which might take a few minutes.
  4. When all lights appear to be finished, click "Scan" again and verify if all your lights will show up on the list again.
  5. The lights which have been reset appear under the name ‘’N/A’’ since the settings of the marked lights will be set to default.
  6. Make sure while performing the factory reset, you’re not looking into the light. Once the factory reset has come through, the intensity of all wavelength intensities will be automatically set to ‘’1000’’ which will be shown in the video below.