Name and identify your fixtures

Identify your Heliopsectra LED Grow Lights on your network using helioCONNECT.

Heliospectra’s fixture(s) can be identified in several ways:


IP address - an identification number assigned to a fixture in the network that can be set in static or dynamic.

MAC address - an identification number that is always static/same for each individual light fixture.

Name and tags - name/tags that you can give your fixture(s) yourself, any numbers/letters.

This is preferably performed with Heliospectra’s software "helioCONNECT" Click here to download (link), free of charge.


Name and tags

For easy identification in your specific physical environment, each light can be named to match your specific growing area/part of the growth area. Above this, the lights can also be given tags in any way that is, such as the name, which is searchable in helioCONNECT (very useful in large installations). The ability to name your own fixture is a vital tool to identify specific lights in your installation.