Set only spectrum in your schedule (suitable when you lights are controlled external timer).

When your light(s) are controlled by external timers, you might want to only set the light quality/spectrum in your lights, and not the light(s) internal timer/schedule. Please follow the procedure written further down or in the video above to do so.
  1. Open helioCONNECT.
  2. Highlight the light(s) you want to set up and click "launch".
  3. Now your light(s) Web User Interface, will open in your internet browser.
  4. Go to the tab "Operation".
  5. Scroll down until you see the paragraph "SCHEDULE".
  6. Here type in 0 (zero) in all fields regards to time. 
  7. Then type in what level of light intensity you wish on each channel.
  8. Click "Add".
  9. Click the green button "Start schedule".
  10. Now, your light(s) will drive all-time on the desired light intensity of each channel. To turn it/on/off, you use your own external timer connected to your electrical power grid system.
(To do a full schedule setup, including your light(s) internal timer, please go to [this page] ).